New Owner Updates

Shania and Murray

1.29.17 Momma and her son enjoying their new home.

Shania and Murray


12.20.16 Misty (now Marina) and her big brother Captain snuggling on a cold winter day.


11.20.16 Cody in his new home. He loves to hang out in his tower and run around the apartment. His mom is really enjoying having him around.

unnamed unnamed-1



7.18.16 Just wanted to let you know how well Cookie’s (now Portia) first weekend home has gone! She has already been such a great addition to our family. She follows me from room to room, and she loves hanging out with my son. She is a champion snuggler! She has even won over my husband. 🙂 He’s already told her how much of a good kitty she is. And she is currently making my work from home day a bit less productive. Thanks so much for helping us find her! And we will certainly send future updates. Thanks again!


9.2.15 Summer and Yogi were adopted together by a wonderful family. So happy these best friends got to stay together!

FOACAR 9.2.15-3

Message from Boo Boo and O’Brien’s family:

Boo Boo and Tigger (formerly O’Brien) are “chillin’ and lovin’ their new home”!

photo 1

photo 2


Message from Sassie and Tori’s family..

We are all doing well. Tori and Sassie have joined their fur-ever home. They are sweet little kitties and we are so happy to have them. Some of their favorite activities include watching the birds out all windows, watching rabbits eat my plants, galloping through the house, climbing stairs and their new condo, eating treats from our son, playing with spongy balls, playing with a feather toy (this was helpful getting them out from under furniture the first few days!), chasing a red light and grabbing bugs on the I-Phone!

sassie and tori windowSassie and Tori


Message from Eddie B’s Owner..

We’re off to a good start. Our Jack Russell likes him somehow!


Eddie adoption

Message from Hurley’s Owner. He is now named Vesper..

Vesper loves to cuddle and at 13.5 pounds is one big cuddle.  He is very intelligent and learned the schedule around here shockingly fast.  He knows how to stay away from being underfoot or on the steps – a very good thing for a black cat to know. Mostly Vesper has a grateful new family!